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Door Knocking

May 24, 2012 - Updated: May 24, 2012


Well this is a first for me after so many years in the biz I thought I should give door knocking a go as I wanted to experience the thrill and the rejection at the same time. I must say I experienced both emotions.


I have been hearing throughout the industry that if you want to become a superior listing agent than you must go out and door knock, I do very well as both a buyer agent and a listing agent and I have never door knocked throughout my career, I marketed myself differently, for example, I'm big into Internet marketing, before the Internet was around I branded myself through mail outs and Toronto real estate magazines was also my way of getting my name out there. This door knocking thing was something that my mentor would say was like walking around Yorkdale all day and starring at the floor searching for twenty bucks. The same went for cold calling; my teachers back in the day always frowned upon it. Yet there were great coaches like Mike Ferry and Brian Buffini who made millions teaching both cold calling and door knocking.


I said to myself you know I could really provide great value to the consumer by going out there and sharing information about their local neighborhoods that they are not aware of, plus it's a great way to meet and greet people.


My objective in this whole thing was if I was going to do it, I had to do it right. I was not going to take any short cuts. I even ordered great postcards so that I could leave for anyone that would want to follow my blog or visit my site to find houses for sale in Toronto or any other information that my site offers.



 I thought to myself what kind of information of real value could I share with the locals? And than it came to me, the same information that consumers call everyday asking about. The big question at the moment is inventory levels and how it's affecting our marketplace. What better bit of knowledge could you give someone living in a specific neighborhood like Liberty Village or even Little Italy as inventory is down by a huge amount. So I walked up to a door and said "hi I'm Vincent from Re/Max West and I wanted to share a little bit of info with you regarding the current number of listings in your neighborhood."


The very first door that I knocked on was answered by a middle aged woman who abruptly said 'you guys are Fnnnn knocking now!" I looked at her and wondered about her upbringing first but then realized that I had to answer her question, so I did. I let her know that door knocking is a great way to reach and get involved with the community; she didn't like my answer and slammed the door in my face. Oh well, it really was her lose.



My day ended with 60 doors and only a handful of people that answered, ,maybe it was the suit I was wearing and it scared people off from answering the door, the outcome- no appointments scheduled and no leads, but I did learn something new about myself that I wasn't aware of before, I really liked door knocking, it was fun, I meet some really nice people even though they were not interested in what I had to offer and the best part of this whole experience is that the walk did me good, no need to go run on a treadmill. 

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