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How to Find Motivated Buyers When Selling a House

May 18, 2012 - Updated: May 18, 2012


The answer to this one is pretty elementary; in order to find the right buyer no matter what the product is that your selling is to know where to look and vice versa. I know it sounds like a Chrissy statement from the sitcom Three's Company, but it's true. You as the seller need to know where buyers are and how they are looking for information about your product, no matter it being a house in Toronto for sale or an area rug you have sitting rolled up in the garage, there is no difference in how you approach the marketing.



Buyers that are in the process of making a big purchase item such as a house will begin by doing research, and the homework will continue until they are comfortable with educating themselves as much as possible. Most of the time the process begins at a very early stage with just the thought of buying, than over time it becomes more impeded and more research is done to satisfy the craving. And it's no big secret that most of the research is done on the Internet.



It all starts with Google, type in a key phrase and start researching the results, then comes the weekend drive to scout out the neighbourhood and all it's amenities. They might even stop and walk through some open houses and get a feel for the type of homes that are found in the particular neighbourhood and ask the Toronto Realtor conducting the open house some questions about the neighbors and the amenities that the neighbourhood has to offer.


What I just demonstrated is the usual home buying process and all the steps that are taken prior to a buyer pulling the trigger, now it does go a little deeper than that but that is the core foundation of how this works. Now of your a home seller and you want to appeal to the buyer you must know how the the buyer is looking and get the information to potential buyers with the click of a mouse, the "click of a mouse" is the magic key phrase today.



It's my opinion that a seller signs a listing agreement with Toronto Realtor that has a high ranking website with all major search engines. This will amount to the most exposure for your listing, and it doesn't stop there, the trend should continue with mobile as well. Any agent that has a high rank site will definitely have a presence in the mobile world as well, agents that can also utilize QR Codes to help promote the home right from the lawn sign that will deliver the end user to a specific landing page that was built just to promote your home. These simple tools will give the listing maximum exposure which in turn will sell the home faster and for more money as well.



If you’re a Toronto Condo owner who wants to sell, you cannot rely on Mls to sell it alone, this is how most Realtors sell condos as lawn signs don't exist when selling condos, there is just no where to place the sign.



Maximum exposure is the answer and hiring a Toronto real estate agent that has built a presence online the natural way is the key in finding buyers for your listing in today's way of doing business.






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