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Invest in Multi Unit Houses Toronto

May 11, 2014 - Updated: May 17, 2014


There are numerous opportunities in our vast Toronto real estate marketplace. here’s the thing though, in order to take advantage of these opportunities buyers must do its due diligence prior to purchase. Buying an investment property is not the same as driving down the road to the local grocery store and picking up some milk!


This is why, it’s prudent that buyers approach an income property like they would anything else that requires some research, it’s no different when you’re in the market to buy power tools or a new lawn mower, it’s wise to search online and figure out which product works best for you for the best price. It’s no different when buying a multi unit income property only the scale is much larger and it can affect your bottom line unlike buying some power tools. 


Searching weeks on end online can drive even the most patient minded people crazy, but it’s part of the process. Buyers must feel comfortable even when thinking about diving into a multi unit home let alone calling up the nearest Realtor and ask where do I sign on the bottom line?


Talking to friends and family is not gonna cut it if you want to learn more about how to successfully build wealth from investing in multi unit homes in Toronto. Buyers must approach this type of research much more carefully then any other type of product that they may have bought in the past, including their single family home that they currently live in and are raising their family. The expertise required hen buying an investment property IS NOT equal to buying a single family home! The Realtor and even sometimes the lawyer you retained in the past ARE NOT qualified to help you through the process. That’s just the plain truth! 


Have you ever heard- “never take advice from somebody who is just as broke as you are?”


That statement is very true! if you want to learn about diamonds then speak to a jeweller and not your buddy who just bought some jewellery the other day. Learn from people who specialize in the product that you’re interested in learning about, and unfortunately NOT ALL Realtors, Lawyers and even Accountants are created equal! 


What if I told you that their is a more simplistic approach to researching investment properties in Toronto’s real estate marketplace, like attending investment seminars that are new, innovative, fresh and interactive! Sound to-good-to be true? Nope! The Real Property Specialists (RPS) have created a group of professionals that specialize in all aspects of a real estate deal, and they host an investment and finance seminar 8 times a year. They’re free and there is no obligation.The members of the RPS group represent other companies like Malo, Pilley and Lehman Lawyers, AGM Accounting Services and even TD Canada Trust is a partner. Yes, that’s right, a major bank is involved by having a top mobile mortgage specialist speak and answer questions with no obligation! Sound even better yet? Well, it gets even better with two Re/Max West Realty Realtors (Agents) who have over 38 years of combined experience in sales and investing. 


This is a power group to say the least! 


If you’re interested in learning the next event then feel free and click here for all the details.


Let me leave you with some simple advice, continue doing everything you’re already doing online with your research only take it with a grain of salt and only take advice from those who are successful with investing in real estate. Second, come out this seminar as it’s a wealth of knowledge and you won’t regret spending a couple of hours out from the house during a weekday.


Third, let this sink in for a moment. How often could you ask a Lawyer or a Certified Accountant (who specialize with investment properties and they share all the tax benefits  as well) as many questions as you like without having to pay them for their time? Or even ask a Architectural Designer, Mortgage Broker and even Realtors without having to book an appointment?  How often does an opportunity like this happen? Take advantage of this opportunity!



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