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Is Curb Appeal Important when selling your Home? - - Toronto Real Estate Blog

August 28, 2010 - Updated: July 14, 2011

You know what they say “first impressions are everything” potential buyers will judge your home worthy of a viewing the moment they drive up to it based on the curb appeal. The goal is to help them want and get them excited about coming inside, after all if potential buyers that are serious about buying your home, the last thing you want happening is a low ball offer because of poor curb appeal.

It‘s tough to look at the way we see our own home as the way potential buyers do. We choose not to see any of the defects because of our emotional connection to the home. Try to look at your home as a property as opposed to your home; and a property could be defined as a commodity that you want to sell for the highest dollar amount.

The next time you walk up your driveway stop and walk back, now take a good hard look at the house. What do you see? Is the yard tidy and well kept? Do any of the exterior finishes need paint? What exterior features do you like the most? If you run this simple exercise you will start to notice faults that you may have missed over the years. In order to make your home more sellable, you need to start by being able to envision potential buyer’s first impressions of the property. In doing so it will enhance the odds of selling your commodity quicker and for more money!

There are tons of homes in Toronto for sale that just sit on the market with little or no activity. Why you ask especially when the real estate market here in Toronto is booming? Well simply put, buyers can’t envision the inside of a house when the first image that they see is terrible upkeep on the outside when viewing the initial photos.

Here are some suggestions to help beautify your curb appeal;


Cut back shrubs and prune trees that may be taking away from the home’s characteristics...for e.g...Columns and windows are the biggest feature of a home’s exterior, don’t hide it.

Paint all exterior doors and trim including the garage; if the home has a deck then a fresh coat of stain may be in order.

Remove any mildew and clean all windows.

You may want to add an Awning, if placed in the right spot it will give your home a complete new look.

Power wash the siding, or even better replace it all together.

Add new house numbers and mailbox to the front of the house.

Make sure that all gardening lights are working.

Add flower boxes where needed


If you brainstorm, you will find that there is a solution to every dilemma, the trick is to find the solution that fits your budget without hindering the ultimate goal of selling your commodity. We as Realtors can only suggest to our clients as too what needs to be done in order to achieve the ultimate goal of selling their home, and hopefully they listen as it will only benefit them.


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Please feel free to comment and add any suggestions that could help others.

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Comments (1)

Posted by: Max
September 7, 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Good article!!! as someone shopping for a home curb appeal is a definite when making a decision.

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