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Is your Realtor a Salesman or a Marketer?

June 11, 2012 - Updated: June 11, 2012

Hey everyone, if your reading this article and are in the process of interviewing a Toronto Realtor to list your home this is a question that should be answered prior to you entrusting anyone with your listing. Most consumers don't realize that there is a huge difference between being a salesperson and a marketer.


Most call themselves marketers as this is what they are taught at most sales seminars, but is really the difference?


A salesman tries his best to get people to want something he is selling and then purchase it.


A marketer is someone who determines what the people want, then finds or develops an appropriate product or service to sell to them.


Now in when selling something like Toronto real estate most would argue that there is nothing to create, the home sells itself, this is true in a hot and thriving market, but how does one sell anything in a down spin market? How does a Realtor stay in business when the good old days begin to bid farewell?


A marketer is someone who creates awareness of the product that he/she is selling and sets himself apart from its competitors because he/ she has built a brand for themselves, the brand is separate than the company that they represent, the brand could be anything; for example, the Realtor may set himself as a specialist in investment properties or has someone who is well versed in working with first time buyers and so on. These are the type of Realtors that will be around when the gravy train comes to a big stop.


A salesman on the other hand is more narrow minded and tends to ride the wave, a salesman is more targeted and will tend to push the product to the consumer even when the consumer is not interested (like telephone marketing)


In order for someone that wants to get into this business and help people find houses for sale in Toronto than this is a huge lesson, setting yourself apart is essential in staying relevant and in demand, our hot market will eventually go cold.



So it comes down to a simple question. Do you want to hire a salesman or a marketer? Understanding the difference is the first step in making that decision. The answer seems pretty obvious doesn't it?

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Comments (2)

Posted by: Reissman of
July 5, 2012 @ 1:35 am
thanks for posting such a nice post. people will be benefited for that. i am also helpfull for that. many important information are include in here.
Posted by: Carlos Montes of
June 18, 2012 @ 9:56 am
Nice blog post Vincent! Definitely it's all about effective marketing when selling a home. With so many options today there is NO excuse for Realtor's not to have an effective online strategy. In my honest opinion a virtual tour and video is a must these days.

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