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Palmerston/ Little Italy- Toronto Real Estate Blog

September 29, 2011 - Updated: September 29, 2011

This Toronto neighbourhood is full of charm and history and because of this; the homes for sale are in high demand! Not only are urbanites calling this neighbourhood their new home, investors are buying up all the single family homes and converting them into multi units properties.

The character and the simple fact that it stays true to its culture are some of the reasons that buyers are flocking and buying up the entire inventory as it becomes available. Young urbanites love the idea of walking to a vast selection of different restaurants that sooth their morning and evening craving.

The types of homes that are being re discovered is also another reason as to why Little Italy is in demand, styles steaming from old century Victorians and Edwardians mixed with smaller 2 story buildings, Little Italy has it all! The community shares a vibrant night life with higher end lounges that cater to young professionals with an atmosphere like no other. Some of the local businesses have been in operation since the early 1950’s and are still owned and operated by family members.

In the early 90’s College St started to notice a shift as tourists had started to take notice, new opportunities had begin to form, Toronto also being known as north Hollywood, tons of film makers also started to ask why not College St and Little Italy as my next set?  The trend had begun to shift and the original Toronto little Italy was re born. A lot of credit goes to Johnny Lombardi of CHIN radio as he never left and stayed true to his College Street broadcast studio, and CHIN TV always promoting the great features of neighbourhood every Sunday morning on local TV.

Toronto`s downtown core being only 10 minutes away by street car has also helped in revitalizing the community as most professionals in the early era enjoyed the idea of home ownership a hop scotch away from the office. It wasn’t always so grand as in the mid 70`s to mid 80`s tons of Italians that built this community had decided it was time to move on to bigger and greater things. The trend at the time was St. Clair Avenue having most of the attention as it was the other neighbourhood known as Little Italy and its local economy was booming. I remember as a child in 1982 when the Italian national soccer team had just won its third world cup, every Italian living in Toronto must have been on St. Clair Avenue celebrating the victory. College Street was almost forgotten about.

Today the trend continues as College Street is thriving and will continue to do so in my opinion due to the fact of its close proximity to the core of the city and its diverse cuisines centered on its historical architecture in its homes. I might be somewhat biased about College Street as my Italian heritage can the best of me most times, Palmerston  little Italy is my favourite neighbourhood and place to buy when searching homes that are for sale in the Toronto real estate marketplace.

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