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Realtors must be Problem Solvers

June 25, 2012 - Updated: June 25, 2012


Ok, so you’re new to the business and you ask what the first thing you should learn is? Let me answer it like this, this industry demands much more of you than just being able to market a home for sale and I don't mean just slapping a sign on someone's lawn and up loading it to Mls, and then hope another Realtor has a buyer for it, that's not marketing nor is going to help you be successful in this industry.



One quality that is important regardless of experience is a Realtors need to become more of a problem solver, this attribute if mastered will help in building a great referral and repeat business for years to come. Imagine- your new to the business, how important is it for you to be able to eat from a tree that just keeps on producing fruit! The same goes for a seasoned veteran, the Realtor who has been in the industry for years, the guy that everyone in the office wants to learn from, imagine how much better your referral business would be if you could just master the technique of being a problem solver.



What is a problem solver?



 Allow me to give you an example; you sold a home and the closing arrives, your client has successfully closed the transaction, you receive a phone a call a few hours later from your client and they are not happy as they just walked into their new home and the washer/ dryer has been swapped out for an older model, not the model they purchased with the home.



How do you handle this issue if you’re the Realtor that sold them the home?



Most Realtors would explain to the buyer that this should not have happened and that they would get to the bottom of it. Getting to the bottom of it is fine and dandy but it does not resolve the issue at hand.



Another Realtor said as I gave the same ax ample to some junior agents as I wanted to hear how they would deal with the issue.  My colleague suggested that he would contact the listing agent and then contact the lawyers for an explanation. Again these are all good things to do but it still does not solve the client’s issues.



I want to be clear that there is no right or wrong way of handling this type of situation as the answers above are all good ways of approaching in how rectify the problem. Although I will also say that if you want to keep your client happy and continue to service them over the years than there is only one way of dealing with this issue, here is how: go out to the nearest Brick store and purchase a washer and dryer that is equilvant to the ones that were purchased and have them, delivered immediately with a note saying thank you for trusting me with the purchase of your new home.



This method will set you apart from everyone! Even though as a Toronto Realtor you are not obligated to spend a thousand or so dollars in replacing the washer dryer yet you earned the clients trust and respect for years to come, they will never forget how you handled it. Now in the meantime you still do all the other things like contact both the listing agent and lawyer in order to recover your costs if can be, don't sit back and let it be. These types of things should not happen on closing and consumers must be held accountable for any unethical wrong doings that they may cause. 

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