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Selling Real Estate is a lot like Baseball

July 10, 2013 - Updated: July 10, 2013


Baseball is very different then other sports, not to say that Hockey or Soccer per say don't require strategy or any preparation for that matter, but Baseball strategy changes quickly with each situation. Most will say that Baseball is a slow moving game but it's this action or non action if you will that allows for strategy to change in a heartbeat unlike the other sports I mentioned above. The process of selling a home is the same thing in a lot of ways; things can change with the stroke of a pen.


Yes it's true, selling real estate can be a lot like the game of Baseball. I'm sitting here watching the Toronto Blue Jays lose the lead to the Indians while there away on a six game road trip and I can't stop thinking about how the two are so similar, both require patience. Selling a home or other real property require going through the process and like a game each situation can change with every pitch, both on the field or in the boardroom reviewing an offer.


I sold a ton of homes this summer and most have been sold via the dreaded multiple offers, nobody likes a bidding war and paying over asking price. I sold one just last night and again the home had multiple offers and as I reviewed each offer I kept saying to myself “you’re out cause this offer doesn't hit our target," remember 3 outs and this house may not sell! I kept thinking when am I going to get a base hit because I have runners in scoring position at first and second! Finally after sending all the agents back and asking them to improve I was able to hit a home run and BOOM the house sold and we won the game! The situation could have changed quickly though if the other agents would have brought in there closer to attempt to strike me out, last night it worked out in the end and the home team won but it doesn't always end like that.


Selling a home is no different than managing a game, knowing what, when and how to deal with each situation as it arises; only as a Realtor it's my job to be player and manager at the same time. I need to score the runners with a hit plus I must be able to manage risk with each decision made throughout. The word patience is a big part of selling property and it's a big part of Baseball as well, when a pitcher is struggling a manger will exude patience and allow his player to get out of the jam. A Realtor will do the same while negotiating a deal, have patience and not tip his/her hat unless no other option presents itself, just like a MLB manager does.


No wonder so many people love being a part of this game regardless if you're a home buyer/ seller, player, manager or just a fan, it's exhilarating!


For those who read this short blog post and see the correlation as I do and require a Toronto Realtor to help them with selling a property, I'm a FREE AGENT! My batting average over my career has been .423 with 40 homers on average per season and I'm currently batting .376 with RISP and proud to say that I have never committed an error in my career. For those who don't know what these averages mean in the world of Baseball, I'm GREAT and I won't last long before someone hires me to go at bat for them! Don't worry, unlike Ball Players I won't ask for a multimillion dollar deal to get the job done!

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