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The Ipad and Toronto Real Estate - Toronto Real Estate Blog

May 9, 2011 - Updated: September 22, 2011

Wow times have changed in the Toronto Real Estate industry! Yes sir, but have they changed for the better in how we Realtors conduct business?


With technology evolving ever so fast and new products being introduced into the market place daily it seems, it’s tough to stay completive and in touch with generation Y. The biggest news media today is Twitter and no longer CBC or CNN. I can’t believe how quick it is to learn the latest happenings in Toronto and around the world with Twiiter. And what about how we prospect for new business today, Facebook has taken over! Imagine being able to attend a social gathering every day and sharing ideas with friends, family and their friends and family! That’s the power of Facebook!! Meeting and greeting new and old friends 24hrs a day. Two words to sum it up...”it’s awesome” No more having to show up at a meet and greet with a bunch of people that you may or may not have any business interests in common.


Let’s also not forget about our great Smartphone’s! Remember when we agents were using pagers and had to have a pocket full of quarters? Not anymore! These phones are mini computers and less phone like. The last two years or so I have become a self proclaimed phone geek, I have personally tried every type of operating system stemming from the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google. As the technology evolves I have to upgrade, it’s become a sickness.


The idea of becoming more environmentally friendly and losing all the paper would be fantastic. Hence I introduce, as it does need an introduction....the IPAD!  Now this is a great device! No more binders of paper when showing a buyer homes, simply load the listings and your off! And it gets better! While on tour of home viewing's with clients, they themselves can make notes right on the device and when done they simply email themselves a copy.


Thousands of third party applications are available to help you become not only more efficient but also help in benefiting your clients.  I am a huge advocate of having the right tools to complete the job!  After all a carpenter cannot build a structure without a hammer and nails, regardless of how skilled he/she might be! The same analogy applies to Real Estate Agents not only here in Toronto but across the world!


So, has technology made my life easier and more productive? Hell yeah!

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