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The New Toronto Stratus Mls & all its Bugs

April 21, 2012 - Updated: May 7, 2012

I thought it would be a great idea to write a short review about the new Toronto Mls that was released from Stratus this past Wednesday. I know that this article won't mean much to the consumer that follows my blog as this software is only available to Toronto Realtors and is not open to the public, but I also have a wide array of real estate agents that follow and this short review will benefit them.



First I do want to compliment and thank Stratus for the design of the new interface, both the desktop version and the mobile IOS app that is available for download in the Apple app store is really nice to navigate through. The integration of using maps in search is vital and it works well.  I also like the idea of being able to do multiple searches at once and being able to use a different browser like Safari or Chrome is an added plus. The mobile version of Safari actually loads the full desktop version which is a huge surprise to most. Having said that is where I will begin with all the bugs.


As I load the Stratus through my mobile browser on my iPad, I can actually log in without a hitch and even load the home page for a second or two until the whole system just crashes, it seems this is where we are noticing the first of many minor bugs in the system. Even though I wasn't expecting to be able to load the desktop version on my iPad I'm a little disappointed now that I have been teased with the idea of using the full version on my mobile device only for it to fail with a crash a few seconds after the log in.


The biggest bug I found till now is the fact that when sending listings to a prospect via email to a Gmail account holder the message is not delivered at all, really odd as I have been sending listings to both my Rogers account without a hitch but not one email has been received to my Gmail account, so if your using the new Stratus and sending listings to prospects or clients that hold a Gmail email account, I wouldn't hold my breath as they will not receive the message. My advice is to continue to use the old system until Stratus comes out with a fix.


Continuing with the email theme it seems anything to do with emailing anything through the new system just fails completely, regardless of your sending only listings or the attached maps feature. 


Another puzzling bug is that when I send listings via email and attempt to open the message using either my iPad or iPhone it immediately crashes my device, the listings refuse to load, now if I open the same message from my PC, it opens without a hitch and renders perfectly on my screen.


I was curious as I wanted to double check and make sure this wasn't only happening my devices so I attempted to open messages using some of colleagues devices and the message would only open properly on an Android device but any IOS devices per say.


The mobile app version of the software is my favorite because I use my ipad for almost every task and I have almost abandoned my PC altogether. The app loads well and works with maps almost flawlessly, the only concern I have is that when searching for a listing by address, the app loads the area as opposed to only the specified address; it can clutter your screen with listings that you don't want to appear. Having said that when searching for neighborhoods like Bloor West Village, High Park, Roncesvalles, Liberty Village and others like Little Italy; the app works really well as Mls as transitioned to this new way of searching and abandoning the districts.


It also seems that the same email bugs exist with the mobile version as it does in the full desktop version, no Gmail recipients and Apple IOS devices crash when attempting to open the hyperlink to the listings.


There is a reason as to why TREB choose to release the full version in stages over the next year as they expecting bugs, what irks me with the process is that these emails bugs are not minor and can really affect the consumer, if the Realtor is not aware that his/ her emails are not getting through than both the consumer and the Toronto Realtor are missing an opportunity. Hopefully Stratus will release software updates and remedy these issues quicker rather than later.





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