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The Realtor mentality of “Because I Can”

February 18, 2014 - Updated: February 18, 2014

I have had the luxury of watching the Oscar Nominated TV show “House of Cards” over the last few nights. I heard about the show while watching Prime Time Sports with Bob Mcowan one day so I thought “hey why not give it a shot”. The show is aired on Netflix which is awesome because it’s exclusive to the paid service so the whole season is released in one lump sum. I got through the first season just before the holiday season and I was hooked by Kevin Spacey’s character “Frank Underwood,” a United States Congressman from South Carolina. I learned very quickly that this Congressman was sassy and logical and that’s what got me wanting more and more! I finished the first 13 episodes in only 4 days. Season 2 was just released the other day and I have watched the first 3 episodes in just one sitting.  


Frank Underwood is now the Vice President and is no longer a measly Congressman, his quest in how he was appointed second in command was very disturbing to say the least, he was ruthless and cunning, all in one. 


For the record, people who are ruthless and cunning regardless if it’s real life or in a  TV character were not born this way, they usually spawn this attitude from a self belief that they can do whatever they want - whenever they want and they don’t care who may get hurt in the process. Some would refer people like this as self motivated individuals and others would suggest that these types of individuals are ego driven, self absorbed  and are unaware of the dangers that life will ultimately hand down to them. My opinion is neither, I have no problem with people who are strong willed and motivated as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of others.


I’m sure you must be asking what does “Frank Underwood” have to do with buying and selling real estate? 


Toronto has been fortunate enough to have a thriving real estate market for the past number of years now and Realtors have benefited from the success of the market. When I started out in this business many years ago there was a level of respect amongst Realtors that lacks today. For whatever reason things have changed for the worst with the average Realtor in how they think, don’t get me wrong most of us still treat each other with a level of respect and professionalism. unfortunately there are some who just believe they are above the rest. I notice this attitude is coming predominantly from the listing agents, just because they were awarded A listing they believe that they don't have to abide to the rules and regulations that are set upon us. 


There are many regulations that Realtors who practice in the province of Ontario must abide by especially when the property is being promoted on the Multiple Listing Service.These legislative regulations are put in place to protect the consumer, not the Realtor.


I have noticed an abundance of complaints from many of my colleagues here at the office regarding how listing agents are co- operating with buyer agents. The Multiple Listing Service was created so that Realtors can co-operate with one another to better serve the interests of their principle. “Co-operation” is the key word here! Unfortunately our industry has lots of “Frank Underwoods” who rather serve themselves and not their clients.


When a listing is granted to a Realtor it does not mean I can do and behave however I choose because I have full control, nor should a Realtor expect that the listing will sell because the market is hot! I wonder how these Realtors will conduct themselves if and when the market corrects. Did someone say "Reality Check"?


There was a time when a listing agent would roll out the carpet for a buyer agent and they still should, that’s how a property is sold with full co-operation from both sides. So, if you’re new or you’re a veteran in the industry, think of the clients interests first and not your own, the idea is to facilitate the transaction according to the rules so that both buyer and seller meet their goal. We don’t want any Frank Underwood’s in our industry cause you know how his story is gonna end, 20 years to life!


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