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What will Mr. Bunny bring this Easter?

April 6, 2012 - Updated: May 2, 2012

Well we all know that children request lots of chocolate during this religious holiday, we as adults may ask for something a little more grand. I for one require another income property to sink my teeth into amongst the other good stuff like world peace, the defeat of communism and human rights for all. Others may want a car, a motorcycle or may just want world peace. Religious holidays bring out the best in most.


Ok all kidding aside, Easter is a great time to sit back and reflect in how we can be better and contribute more to society.


Easter has also come a little earlier this year and that's why the spring market hasn't really kicked itself into full gear yet. Usually the Toronto real estate market is beginning to boom this time of year. I just hope it's late to bloom-but-bloom it will. Over the last few years we have been experiencing a shortage with inventory on Mls, hopefully this year Mr. Bunny will help in that regard as many first time buyers are fed up with the idea of bidding wars when buying a home. Low inventory amongst other factors including low interest rates have contributed to most homes on Mls going into multiple offers. I heard that some buyers are calling governing bodies and complaining about the whole process, but here is the issue; how do you protect the buyer’s interest while not harming the seller’s home value?


The solution is a simple one, in order to ease the pressure off the buyer, the buyer must have choice and at this moment there isn't much, when the demand levels equal supply, the market will begin to shift in a more equal playing ground for buyer and seller. Pricing will also begin to ease and Toronto Realtors will have to start earning their pay cheque by mastering the technique of negotiating.


It's funny as most buyers are not complaining as much that have proceeded with buying a Toronto condo as levels of supply are rather healthy, the complete opposite of the housing market.


No matter what type of property we want it's known that most types of housing is not available on Mls or even being promoted as a private listing for that matter.


If you’re a home owner who is thinking about selling your home either to downsize or even upgrade now is the time to sell as there are many buyers that will line up at your front door.  And hey if you’re a elder home owner or an empty nester than maybe your wish for this Easter should be to sell your current home and downsize and also buy a nice Florida condo for the winter! (I wrote an article in my blog about why it would be a great strategy for empty nesters to invest in the Florida market.)Why not?  it’s Easter and the Bunny is listening, plus you earned it!


Let me end this post with wishing everyone a very happy and safe Easter, and if you’re not the religious type than have a great long weekend and hopefully Mr. Bunny will still bring you some chocolate.

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