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What's on the Tube tonight Lucy?

April 17, 2012 - Updated: April 17, 2012

Ok, what's with all the Toronto real estate shows that seem to be popping up on all the major networks? It's not just HGTV anymore, OLN and even the Woman's Network has entered into broadcasting real estate type TV shows. It seems most of the shows out there are broadcasting similar content with only minor differences. I tend to watch most of them as i feel it's important to stay in tune with what's real and which ones are not. And please what I mean by what is real is something that isn't staged for just TV, although I have to admit most of them are somewhat entertaining. Having said that I guess the networks are achieving their goals if it's only about entertaining the viewer.


My favorite show is Investment Property hosted by Scott McGillivray. It's my top pick because he actually does educate the home owner with what it takes in becoming a successful Toronto real estate investor. I have a soft spot for the show, because I approach investment properties in the exact manner as Scott does, we might have been brothers in a prior life as our philosophies are identical. I have written about how to be successful with investment real estate in my blog many times and have spoken openly about it with my clients. Scott's approach is what I have been doing with my own units even before I became a Toronto Realtor. If your going to watch a real estate type show I suggest you tune into this one, it's a keeper. I’m hoping that Scott will read this post and take my advice, “do an old Toronto condo will ya”


I am always bombarded by emails from a producer at HGTV asking if I have any clients that would like to participate in a show and he even revels in his emails that most of the content is edited in order to make the show more entertaining. If your going to promote reality TV then shouldn't the subject show actually be real and not edited?


Even before I began receiving emails from networks as am I sure other Toronto Realtors inbox is being filled with spam it seemed likely that most of these shows are edited.


I even had the pleasure of turning the tube on one night only to watch one of own clients on TV, to my surprise he and his wife were being portrayed as - let’s just say that the show was about how people cannot afford to buy their dream show so they need to buy a fixer upper and attempt to renovate the home to something that will never be really anyone's dream home, the ironic thing is that my client friend can afford his dream home as he has done very well for himself. When I seen him on TV I guess you can say that it was a red flag about how credible all these Toronto real estate type TV shows are.


So remember, don't believe everything you watch on TV, if the content is logical than learn from it, if the content sounds to good to be true then take it with a grain of salt and ignore it. If something sounds to good to be true than its more than likely to be false.

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Posted by: Andrea of
April 20, 2012 @ 4:33 am
I too like watching income property, great choice Vince. Some of these TV shows help consumers when they are thinking about buying toronto real estate  

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