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Why YouTube is Essential when Promoting a Toronto Mls Listing!

April 18, 2012 - Updated: May 4, 2012

I love YouTube, and so should you if your a home owner that is prospecting the idea of listing your home. YouTube has become the most vital social media outlet out of the entire bunch. Why is it so important? YouTube is the second largest search engine behind its big brother Google which in turn means huge exposure for the listed home. A home seller that lists their house for sale wants to sell fast and awareness through search engines is a great vehicle.  


The Toronto real estate board has a membership of just over 30.000 Realtors and maybe only a small handful use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy.


Why haven't most Toronto Realtors jumped on board with this type of marketing?


I have no idea why Realtors are not embracing this form of marketing. Maybe they are just shy to film themselves or they just don't believe in the strategy, it could also be that they just don't know how to implement it. I for one know that when I started filming videos it wasn't easy; first you had to film and that usually meant me having to hire a helping hand, then came the editing part which took the better part of the whole day especially when someone is not familiar with editing software like Windows Movie Maker. And let's not forget that you have to invest in the equipment. These could be reasons as to why most Realtors do not produce YouTube Videos to help promote their listings.


How does YouTube help with selling my home?


YouTube has a massive reach potential to many prospective buyers. As I wrote earlier, YouTube is the second largest search engine in cyber space. As buyers begin their search for their next home, they usually start online; most buyers enjoy the idea of being able to watch a video of the home that might interest them prior to visiting it in person.


A YouTube video can also help other agents that may think your home would suite their clients’ needs, they would then forward a copy of the video to their clients and ask for feedback. YouTube has become a valued tool in the real estate industry when agents are attempting to promote houses for sale in Toronto.


Tech Savvy agents use tools like YouTube and other social media outlets to promote Mls listings as this is the new way that people begin their research when buying anything, let alone a house. Generation Y are people in the ages of 30 and younger spend more time on the Internet than any other major activity, plus generation X has started to adopt in how younger people do business.


Why should we cater to generation Y?


Generation Y is the future and most buyers today are first time buyers below the ages of 35 years of age, when selling a home, this is the major demographic Realtors and sellers should be thinking about first, it's that simple.


If you’re a home owner who has not yet adopted to the new era of how most products and services are being sold on the Internet, my advice is to interview a tech savvy agent prior to signing the listing agreement.


The Internet is a tool and if used properly it will be the most powerful tool you will ever pick up!


Visit the homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page and watch YouTube Video's promoting many of our listings

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Posted by: Andrea of
April 20, 2012 @ 4:24 am
I agree with how social media is taking over the world and how companies are using this tool to brand there products. I'm also using it to help promote my Toronto real estate business thrive.

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