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Searching for next home has never been easier, and we didn’t forget about all you Toronto Real Estate investors either! Simply enter the property criteria within the desired neighbourhood and thousands of listings will pop up to choose from, once you have found all the listings that you would want to view please contact Vincent direct at the phone number above or click here to contact him via email.

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Below are some Real Estate Definitions resourced from Wikipedia


chain (in the process of buying or selling a house) is a sequence of linked house purchases, each of which is dependent on the preceding and succeeding purchase. The term is commonly used in the UK.

Each member of the chain is a house sale, which depends both upon the buyers receiving the money from selling their houses and on the sellers successfully buying the houses that they intend to move into.

For example, in a four-household chain, A buys B's house, B uses the money from that sale to buy C's house, and C uses the money from that sale to buy D's house. (A chain can be circular. This example becomes circular if D buys A's house.) All sales in a chain close on the same day. On that day, all the households involved in the chain leave their former homes and move to their new homes.

This situation is notorious for being liable to "break" if one of the transactions fails, for example due to financial difficulties, a change of heart, or the practice of gazumping. The failure of one member of the chain fouls the whole set of transactions. The remaining chain fragments must find new buyers and sellers to form new chains.

A chain begins with a household buying a house without selling their current house. Examples:

  • A household that does not currently own a house. This may be a first time buyer, such as a household moving out of rented accommodation. It may also be the result of a household splitting, for example a grown child leaving home.
  • A household retaining ownership of their old house after moving out. For example, they may wish to rent it out, demolish it, or merely leave it vacant and keep it on the market.

A chain ends with a house being sold and not depending on existing owners buying a house to move into. Examples:

  • A household moving into a vacant house. It may be a newly-built house or a house rendered vacant due to the death of its occupant or occupants or the departure of former tenants.
  • A household moving to join an existing household.
  • A household moving to temporary accommodation until they can buy a new house.
  • A household moving into rented accommodation or a nursing home.


Gazumping occurs when a seller (especially of property) accepts a verbal offer of the asking price from one potential buyer, but then accepts a higher offer from someone else. It can also refer to the seller raising the asking price at the last minute, after previously verbally agreeing to a lower one. In either case, the original buyer is left in the lurch, and either has to offer a higher price or lose the purchase.[1] The term gazumping is most commonly used in the UK and Australia, although similar practices can be found in some other jurisdictions.

In recent years, many economists have recognized that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investment in many developing countries. In most societies, rich and poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings.

In most advanced economies, the main source of capital used by individuals and small companies to purchase and improve land and buildings is mortgage loans (or other instruments). These are loans for which the real property itself constitutes collateral. Banks are willing to make such loans at favorable rates in large part because, if the borrower does not make payments, the lender can foreclose by filing a court action which allows them to take back the property and sell it to get their money back. For investors, profitability can be enhanced by using an off plan or pre-construction strategy to purchase at a lower price which is often the case in the pre-construction phase of development.[citation needed]

But in many developing countries there is no effective means by which a lender could foreclose, so the mortgage loan industry, as such, either does not exist at all or is only available to members of privileged social classes.



Homes & Houses For Sale in Toronto

Wow, what a treat we have been given this week with this great new listing that was just released on Toronto Mls today! And it's a gem to say the least. Built by a custom home builder whose mission statement is to deliver sheer excellence in his product, this home was built from scratch to house his own family. This house shows 10 plus and I'm sure would satisfy the pickiest of them all, including myself.Please Click Here To Read More About 27 Castle Knock Rd


How to Win a Multiple Offer When Buying a House in Toronto

The first step when it comes to winning the dreaded bidding war is to know the type of home you want and which neighborhood you want to live in, so many buyers are frustrated with how the Toronto real estate market has been over the last while and after numerous attempts and losing out they wind up getting more frustrated with the whole process and settle for the wrong house in the wrong neighborhood, that house will never be a home for these families. Having buyer’s remorse the day after is not fun.  So always pre define your criteria and stick to it, never settle!

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TREB Sales Reports and Demand Vs Supply

 I thought it would be a great idea and keep everyone in the loop about TREB`S monthly sales and demand vs supply report. This year saw a increase in sales from last year with inventory levels increasing a bit.

Prices continue to climb as rates are still at an all time low, but that could change with any slight rate increase which is coming; the question is when and not if anymore.


The Home Buying Process, Step-by-Step


Buying a Home in Toronto- First Step of the Home Buying Process

Buying a home in Toronto can and should be a fun experience. The secret in helping make the home buying process fun is basically being organized from the get go. Understanding the process will make you feel not only more comfortable but also more confident when you begin to understand the people and the roles that they will play in the whole process. This 10 step guide will help you through the process.

Getting your Finances up to Date

The first step in the home buying process is understanding your personal finances and the things that can affect your financial situation. Things like debt, credit reports and income to dept ratio. Your credit report is vital to how a lender will judge your application favorably or not.

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Getting Familiar with the Mortgage Industry-Step 2 of the Home Buying Process


Finding the right mortgage product and lender is crucial to your home buying success. It's up to the buyer to determine which lender is best for their needs, and it's always a good idea to have at least a bit of background about the loan process before you speak with a lender.

How much can you afford?

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Step 3 of the Home Buying Process- Knowing the Criteria


This article will help home buyers determine the type of home that suits their needs for the present but also for the future, once you have your finances squared away, it's time to think about which home is right for you and begin your Toronto real estate search.


Here are some things you might want to consider;


How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you require? Is a home office an essential feature? And will you require parking? And if so; how many spots will you need? Will it matter if it's outdoor space or is a garage a must? What about other features- things like a finished basement or will you require a basement apartment to help with the financing? Or even the simplest things like the type of furnace, some buyers prefer a boiler over gas forced air when searching houses for sale in Toronto. Most homes in Toronto only have boilers due to age.


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Why Realtors Door Knock


Well this is a first for me after so many years in the biz I thought I should give door knocking a go as I wanted to experience the thrill and the rejection at the same time. I must say I experienced both emotions.


I have been hearing throughout the industry that if you want to become a superior listing agent than you must go out and door knock, I do very well as both a buyer agent and a listing agent and I have never door knocked throughout my career, I marketed myself differently, for example, I'm big into Internet marketing, before the Internet was around I branded myself through mail outs and Toronto real estate magazines was also my way of getting my name out there. This door knocking thing was something that my mentor would say was like walking around Yorkdale all day and starring at the floor searching for twenty bucks. The same went for cold calling; my teachers back in the day always frowned upon it. Yet there were great coaches like Mike Ferry and Brian Buffini who made millions teaching both cold calling and door knocking.


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Why are you Renting?


 I have a solution for the buyer out there that wants to buy a house in Toronto and has great credit, a good steady stream of income but lacks the money down to qualify for a mortgage. I helped a good friend of mine out who was renting his life away paying over the top to live in some vibrant Liberty Village condo, I gave the same advise I'm about to give you.



You can still buy a home in Toronto or even buy a Toronto condo whatever your choice is, the secret is finding a seller that will give you the mortgage as a seller take back or find a private lender that will finance 100% of the deal, some do exist. Yes you will pay a somewhat inflated interest rate but it's not that inflated when you compare to what rates have been traditionally over the last 20 years or so, bottom line we as Canadians have been spoiled by these low interest rates over the last few years.












Tenants want Luxury


Yes; that's right everyone, it seems that if you’re a landlord who is not offering state of the art living like Mr. Trump is, than you can forget about leasing your income property for big bucks. In the old days all you needed was to have a few essential amenities to make your investment property very attractive, like location and access to public transit. In today's world those two features are only the starting point.


With the Toronto real estate marketplace being so hot and especially downtown living being popular as ever, tenants have come to expect more than just the usual things on a must have list before committing to a lease agreement. The latest rumblings I have heard from prospective tenants is "does the apartment have character?" if tenants are looking for character what else is on the must have list?


Please Click Here To Read The List




Do not Rely on 100% Financing!


Why would anyone want a no money down mortgage today? Actually a lot of buyers would love to have the opportunity to buy a home or an investment property with no money down, including myself. Bring back the old days someone shouts from the back of the boardroom earlier this week when talking about it during an office meeting.


Having said that; I must commend Finance Minister Jim Flaherty with restructuring the mortgage rules over the past few years. One of the biggest rule change was no money down, if you want to buy a mortgage from a bank today you will be required to have at least 5% of the purchase price down plus other monies for closing costs such as land transfer tax, legal fees, H.S.T of the CMHC insurance fees and other soft costs that come with buying a home or a Toronto condo. 


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