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How to Choose the Right Toronto Real Estate Agent to Sell my Home

So, why is it important to hire the right Toronto Realtor to manage the sale of your home? Not all agents are created equal!


Here at Re/Max West we have a very diverse core of agents, some are new but most are veterans and as trends change I hear most of my colleagues complain more and more of how difficult it's becoming out there when competing for a listing. It’s tough for me understand because I don't have that issue, my success rate is 85% to list ratio. My success rate is due to fact that I am able to articulate the benefits of doing business with me to prospective home sellers, home sellers are not dumb, and they will do their homework prior to meeting with any Realtor. If a Realtor can show the value that they provide than the success ratio will climb. Once a Toronto Realtor is able to illustrate the value that he/she has to offer, any prudent seller will gladly retain your services at market value.


I don't blame home sellers for not wanting to pay a commission that isn't justified, how can you blame them! Most people believe that all Realtors erect a sign on their front lawn, promote their home on MLS and pray that another agent has a client that will offer on their real estate listing. Unfortunately that's what most agents do. The old ways of doing business are not as effective as they once were due to changing trends, generation Y don't use their Smartphone’s to call anyone, instead they use it for research and to communicate in different ways. I recognize this and adopted new ways of marketing Toronto real estate.


Social media plays a huge role with Twitter helping gain massive exposure, but Twitter is just the beginning. Envision having your home marketed on a website that is found on every major search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Having your home exposed on a site that generates tons of traffic means the home is sold faster and to the highest bidder. Did you know that 97% of home buyers begin their search online! And being found is the key! Video is new and virtual tours is the old, 51% of people would rather watch a You Tube video then read any type of marketing material, that is huge! These marketing strategies are only a handful of techniques that I use to sell your home, please watch the video below to learn more and call me today if you’re thinking about making a move and put me to work!


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Another successful event held by Re/Max this week named Kickstart, I have to admit that in all the years I have been trading under this great brand that this was my first Kickstart event. Now that I have experienced it I will definitely be attending it every year from now on, it was truly inspirational. I would estimate that there were at least 3000 Re/Max Toronto reps along with a large contingency of others Realtors from other companies. I even met some Re/Max guys all the way from India who flew in for the event. 

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RE/MAX Facts

  • Canada's #1 negotiator
  • #1 in 150 markets across Canada
  • Over 13,400 sales associates in 600 independently owned and operated offices in Canada
  • A global real estate system operating in 52 countries
  • More than 5,300 independently owned offices with over 100,000 member sales associates globally
  • RE/MAX was the first real estate network to be involved in more than 1 million transaction sides in a single year.
  • RE/MAX is now in its 31st year of consecutive growth
  • RE/MAX agents close three times more deals than the industry average
  • RE/MAX virtually outperforms the competition in virtually every market in Canada.
  • 60% of RE/MAX sales associates in Ontario-Atlantic Canada earn in excess of $100,000
  • 10% of RE/MAX sales associates in Ontario-Atlantic Canada earn in excess of $250,000
  • More market share than any other real estate company
  • RE/MAX is run by realtors from bottom to top
  • RE/MAX has the best broker leadership in the industry today
  • More top-producing agents join RE/MAX every year, in more countries, than any other real estate organization.
  • RE/MAX is recognized as the "Voice of Real Estate" to the industry
  • RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN) is the industry's first proprietary satellite system dedicated to industry-specific education, including peer-to-peer learning.
  • Exceptional educational programs such as Inspire that focuses on career development, technology and mandatory continuing education programs
  • The Succeed Agent Mentor program offers new agents in-house coaching and mentoring to help them fast track their success.
  • RE/MAX has been the exclusive real estate sponsor of the Children's Miracle Network since 1992
  • RE/MAX Associates have raised more than $50 million for the Children's Miracle Network
  • Largest Hot Air Balloon Fleet in the world with more than 100 balloons
  • "Team RE/MAX" attempt around-the-world stratospheric helium balloon expedition from Alice Springs, Australia in late 1998.
  • A major co-sponsor of the Breast Cancer Survivor Recognition Program at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race For The Cure events
  • RE/MAX created a section on Web site called 'Early Detection Reminder' that allows anyone to set up both a monthly Email reminder for a self-exam and an annual reminder for a mammogram.
  • RE/MAX is the first real estate organization to promote itself through motor sports
  • Each year, about 20 charities host fund-raising golf tournaments at Sanctuary, the private course of RE/MAX International co-founders Dave and Gail Liniger.
  • RE/MAX International is the first major sponsor of The Wildlife Experience, a conservation and community center promoting understanding of the natural world and its conservation through art and education.
  • The RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship is the largest grass-roots long drive competition in the world. More than 12,000 competitors on 300 different golf facilities will try to reach the finals and take home their share of the $325,000 purse

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